"name": "Evan Scott",
                    "homeLocation": "NYC",
                    "interests": [
                        "code quality",
                        "semantic web",
                        "user experience",
                        "visual design"
                    "jobTitle": "Front End Engineer",
                    "worksFor": "Zocdoc (zocdoc.com)"


Accessible, battle-tested, infinitely composable React components. More than 1.5 years in development at Enigma and now released to the open source community at large.
Interprets markdown text and outputs a JSX equivalent, removing the need to open security holes via the dangerouslySetInnerHTML React method.
Scaffolds a React application with best practice enforcement, integrated testing, and more.
A stream module for verifying JavaScript programs with ESLint.
A connect-compliant middleware for simple, transparent redirection of HTTP requests.
JSP code to enable dynamic creation of requireJS calls based on the components dropped in an Adobe CQ5 page template.


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