Front End Developer

Master UI developer and well-versed in several client-side SPA libraries like React, Angular, Ember and Backbone.

Visual Designer

Devout minimalist and lover of vibrant, impactful color. Experienced in all facets of design from graphic to print to printmaking.

Brand Marketer

Architect of several brand identities and associated awareness campaigns, including Brafton, ContentLEAD and K+CO.

I'm a design-obsessed
technocrat in training

My passion lies at the nexus of technology and design, user experience (UX).

Nothing is quite as satisfying than a passerby encountering my work and not having to ask a lot of questions. If they can use it and just *get it*, I've done my job well.

Thus far in my career, I've worn many hats: front-end developer, designer and brand marketer to name a few. It all boils down to a strong sense of creativity and intrinsic drive to flesh out the "what could be". I don't accept mediocrity, don't slack off and don't hold back when it's time to speak up.

markdown-to-jsx (
Interprets markdown text and outputs a JSX equivalent, removing the need to open security holes via the dangerouslySetInnerHTML React method.
generator-enigma (
Generates a React application with best practice enforcement, integrated testing, and more.
eslintify (
A stream module for verifying JavaScript programs with ESLint.
middleware-proxy (
A connect-compliant middleware for simple, transparent redirection of HTTP requests.
deproptypeify (
Searches for .propTypes and removes the block.
cloak (
<WIP> A high-constrast, themeable, accessible UI style.
CQ5-RequireJS (
JSP code to enable dynamic creation of requireJS calls based on the components dropped in an Adobe CQ5 page template.

When I hired Evan, and before he arrived at Enigma, I remember describing him to coworkers as one of the few people that "just gets it." I've seen him tweak things for hours just to get the right performance -- but more importantly, the right "feel".

You can't buy people that recognize quality when they see it, and it's near impossible to screen for in an interview. Evan is clearly one of those people. The quality of what he brings to the table as a draft is consistently higher than what most people expect from final products, and with his compassionate and charismatic demeanor, Evan pushes himself and others toward perfection in whatever they're working on.

I have a bad habit of asking Evan to do things that most would say are impossible, and he keeps doing them. This is the highest compliment I can give. I recommend Evan wholeheartedly, and without reservation.

Ken Keiter · VP of Architecture ·